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Reviews From Recent Training:
"The course exceeded my expectations, especially the presentation and the instructor's command of subjects."
Tom - OSHA
"The instructor had an uncanny ability to convey technical information in an informative and entertaining way"
Tom- U.S. Fish and Wildlife
"The instructors provided outstanding instruction on hazardous materials operations and management. I was very impressed with their professionalism, their technical knowledge, experience and teaching abilities. The class was excellent!"
Howard - Safety Engineer
Noteworthy accomplishments:
Certified over 100,000 students in Environmental Safety and Compliance

Certified over 20,000 Army Reserve and/or DOD Personnel

Certified over 5,000 US Fish and Wildlife Employees.

Taught Over 2,000 soldiers on less than 2 weeks notice on 8 different occasions to help units meet mission goals.

After certifying over 100,000 students 100% of after course evaluations rated the course good-excellent. Not one evaluation rated the course average or below average.

Received over 20 different Commanders Coins for helping Army Reserve Units meet their goals and missions with superior performance.

We have developed all of our own original training manuals and references and had them professionally duplicated and bound.